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About Us

- Story of our Journey

Yoga is our passion.

This passion kindled a fire in us to produce exceptional quality, yet economical props for the Yoga community around the world. We started in the year 2000 producing Yoga Rugs and Mat Bags for some American brands. We added new products, as our rugs and bags were well accepted by the leading brands, thanks to their superb design, exceptional craftsmanship, choice of eco friendly material, and professionalism. And slowly, we expanded the product portfolio and markets too!

Primarily, we are a Private Label Manufacturer collaborating with the leading Yoga labels worldwide. Whether you are a well established brand scouting for a manufacturing partner in a low cost economy or a new start up struggling with MOQs, we treat you as Maharajas. Brands that succeed stay relevant and we help you succeed.

Yoga's ethical precepts guide our everyday choices.  We embrace these values; focus on gender equality, safe manufacturing practices that meet global standards.

Our team is proud to have turned our dreams into a reality in one and half decade of dedication. Thank you so much for your loyal patronage and support, & for helping to make our enterprise a success. Incredible credit and thanks go to the team of CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries), The Netherlands for their export coaching programs that initiated our successful EU market entry. We were audited by CBI's European experts and extensively coached for doing business in Europe.

We have founded this company not for earning fat profits and perks, but for the sheer joy and purpose of spreading the message behind Yoga and Meditation.