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E-Commerce Merchants

E Commerce marketing platform designed for small and medium online businesses, announced rapid company gains and significant revenue growth of its customers over the past year

E commerce platforms Such as Amazon, Alibaba, E bay, Taobao, Flipkart offer enormous opportunities for companies who wish to venture out into B2C segment. We can design and develop unique products that stand apart from the crowd.

In order to serve the target group of E commerce merchants, we have appropriate terms of trading. For Eg. Fast turn around, shipping directly to your different warehouses located across globe.

Order and Delivery models in Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure Equipment for E commerce Merchants

Type of products Delivery strategy E-Commerce Merchants
Standard Products
Singing Bowls
(non seasonal, long term sales)
Make-to-stock Never out of stock
Continuous flow of delivery


1. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with most trading blocks, helps lower the import cost

2. One stop shop for Yoga ,meditation and Acupressure products

3. Supreme craftsmanship, innovative design and functionality set us apart