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Power Mats

The power mat (also called pyramid mat) is a plastic moulded mat with small pyramid-shaped bumps that you walk on. The pyramid mat is a holistic healer that focuses on the ‘reflex points’ on the soles of your feet, and induces pressure that massages your foot. With acupressure reflexology, you are freed of all types of health problems, just by walking!  Walking on your heels cures Sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel& knee pain as well as piles. Walking on your toes cures headache, migraine, sinus, asthma, tonsils & insomnia. Our Power Mats are fitted with strong magnets, which help in improving blood circulation. We offer power mats in a variety of attractive colors, designs, and sizes. Like all our products, these mats are long-lasting, non-toxic, extra thick, and firm to provide ample comfort to our customers. There are 64 acupressure points below your feet which corresponds to each and every organ in your body. That means walking over the power mat  gives massage and activation to all the organs in your body!