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We, at Accessory Arcade, believe that Private label manufacturing can present tremendous opportunities, as well as significant challenges for small businesses such as ours. Creating private label goods often requires developing a partnership with retail clients and the relationship between retailer and private-label supplier tends to be close.

We entered into the business of private label segment with a strong belief that we perfectly fit into this. Reasons furnished below:

Three main factors that determine the potential for success of small businesses that wish to manufacture private label goods: the right product, a competitive price, and a strong marketing program. For products to be considered for private labels, they must have a large sales potential, because retailers are not usually interested in branding low-demand items. In addition, the manufacturer must be able to assure that the product quality is as good or better than the leading brands. A retailer puts its own name on the line when it private labels your product, and it won't want that name to be sullied by inferior or inconsistent quality. Small manufacturers may gain a marketing advantage if they are willing to assume responsibility for product quality, rather than leaving the retailer holding the bag.

The type of manufacturing process involved is another important product-related aspect of private labeling. In general, private labels are most appropriate for products that can be manufactured on a tight schedule while maintaining high quality standards. Private label manufacturers must be able to assure their retail clients of reliable, on-time delivery. In addition, they must be flexible enough to ramp up production quickly to meet increases in demand or to change the product's formulation according to the retailer's wishes

Price is another important component of successful private label manufacturing. The price must compare favorably to competing brands while also enabling both the manufacturer and the retailer to make money.

The third factor in successful private label manufacturing is a strong marketing program. The marketing program for private label goods consists of two parts: contracting with retailers and etailers to become their supplier for a certain product, and assisting them in marketing that product to the final consumer. Apart from strong internet commerce presence, we also take part in various Internationals fairs in Asia and Europe. We meet a lot of potential retail clients and etailers there.

We understand that good packaging is just as important as the product itself. For this reason, we have made a special effort to offer our private label customers stylish, upscale packaging that will stand out on the shelf and distinguish itself from the competition.

Some of the labels who work us

You may be looking for a reliable private label manufacturer from a low cost economy and your search ends here. Why wait? Let's get into business.

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