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Web shop business is an important sales channel of today's companies. Advantages of a web shop business include cost effectiveness and potential to do business globally.

As a manufacturer of Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure Equipment, Web shops have been our major market channels .In order to serve the target group of web shops, we have appropriate terms of trading. For eg. Low MOQs, Delivery to the door step of the retailer Duty paid ( DDP) or Duty unpaid (DDU)

Order and Delivery models in Yoga, Meditation and Acupressure Equipment for Web Shops

Type of products Delivery strategy Customer classification
Small Web shops Large Web shops
Standard Products
Singing Bowls
(non seasonal, long term sales)
Replenish products
Warehouse stock based delivery
Never out of stock
Never out of stock
Continuous flow of delivery


1. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with most trading blocks, helps lower the import cost

2. One stop shop for Yoga ,meditation and Acupressure products

3. Supreme craftsmanship, innovative design and functionality set us apart from the crowd

4. Fire retardant cushions supplied against specific request